Battery charger

The charger must not only recharge the battery, but also cover the electricity requirements in the port so that the battery is fully charged the next morning. To charge the battery, the charger should provide a current of approximately 10% of the battery capacity. This is 8A using an 80Ah battery as an example. To this must be added the consumption in the port for refrigerator, lighting, radio etc. The current for these consumers can be determined here. If we assume 6A for these consumers as an example, the charger must be able to supply a current of 8A + 6A = 14A. In this case a 15A charger would be sufficient.
  • Only use a regulated charger with IUoU characteristic
  • Make sure that the battery type used can be set
  • If a charger is to supply several batteries, each output of the charger should be controlled separately. Attention: this is not always the case. If in doubt, ask the manufacturer.
  • Use charger with temperature sensor for battery temperature
  • For fan-cooled devices, make sure that the fan is quiet or use a device with ready-made cooling.